by Jonathan Geissler

Mount Saint Mary College is pleased to announce the launching of MSMC Commuter Connect, an online message board forum for commuting students. Commuter Connect provides information on school events and activities, and is the perfect place for commuter interaction. The board covers all topics, from academic study help, commuting tips and weather, to Knights home games and other happenings on campus. On Commuter Connect, students are encouraged to interact with each other, start interesting topics, and ask questions. It’s a great platform to socialize and exchange information.

Like most four-year institutions, the Mount is geared toward resident students. Yet, the spirit of a collegiate institute is at its most vibrant when the entire student body participates in campus life. Many commuter students encounter a disconnection with the college from a social standpoint. This is where Commuter Connect can make a difference. Through dialogue that takes place on the forum, all aspects of college life are open to discussion. Participation will spark an awareness of campus activities and promote greater involvement of commuter students.

Commuters can join this exciting new venue by visiting All students who sign up and post at least two messages will be entered to win a $20.00 gift certificate to Alexis Diner.