Christopher Neyen and Barbara Petruzelli view Rita Leduc’s art at the opening reception for “Interconnected.” 

By: Jen Hasbun

Mount Saint Mary College’s Communication, Art and Digital Media (CADM) program hosted the opening reception of the school’s fifth art exhibit, “INTERCONNECTED,” in the CMA Gallery on Feb. 28. 

The exhibit, which will run through May 20, was facilitated by Christopher Neyen, assistant professor of art and graphic design, and Dean Goldberg, director of the Mount’s CADM program. It was co-sponsored by the Kaplan Family Library and the Mount’s Learning Center.

The exhibit showcases the art of Lynn McCarty, a painter represented by the Nancy Hoffman gallery in New York City whose work has been displayed extensively across the United States, and Rita Leduc, an artist who draws inspiration from natural environments. Leduc is also the creator and co-founder of “GROUNDWORK,” an interdisciplinary creative retreat. The duo paired together to work collaboratively in the study of color, form and material. 

“We try to show work that is analogous to the work the students are doing,” Neyen said of the gallery. “There is somewhat of a connection, but at the same time I am really looking to break new ground and show art that the students have never even interacted with before.”

According to Barbara Petruzelli, the director of the library, there is “no question” that the CMA Gallery has increased the Mount’s artistic presence within Newburgh. 

“We had no locus for this before,” she said. “We had no place for this to happen. It has been fantastic.” 

Featured artists are chosen based on a number of factors: what their work will bring to the Mount, their significance to the students and what their pieces will mean for the Hudson Valley as a whole. 

“We are now a part of the Hudson Valley art scene,” Neyen said, “and we are trying our hardest to be a voice in Newburgh for the fine arts.”