by Anthony Krueger

What was that sound coming from the Hudson Auditorium last Saturday night?


Mount Saint Mary College’s Student Activities Council, with the help of Residence Life, hosted their last late night of the semester on Saturday, Nov. 2, Headphone Disco.

“I was very excited to finally be at the last late night,” said Vice President of Student Activities Nicole Havrilla. “It was even better that we were able to bring something different to campus.”

The company manager, Vito Deluca, said that Headphone Disco is an experience like no other.

“Students are each provided with their own set of headphones,” said Deluca. “The headphones themselves have volume control and access to two different channels.”

The second disk jockey (DJ) for the evening, Charlie Pagan, said the two different channels would be playing two separate types of music.

“I may be playing a song by One Direction,” said Pagan. “Then the students could change over to Deluca’s station and hear his mix to a song by Loardes.”

Deluca said the goal of the evening was to remix as many songs that are currently on the radio as possible.

“Students are meant to recognize the music being played and rock out to it,” said Deluca.

Student Activities Council Programming Board Officer Bradley Moody said he liked the concept of everyone dancing to something different and having people walk by hearing nothing but seeing people dancing.

“It’s funny to see a bunch of people dancing and hear nothing,” said Moody. “You could almost say that Mount Saint Mary College was having a silent rave.”

“The darker the room, the better,” said Pagan. “We want to students to feel like they are at a concert of sorts.”

Junior Ryan Seifts said it was very interesting to have the two disk jockey’s playing music at the same time.

“My girlfriend and I walked by to see a few people dancing to no music,” said Seifts. “We were interested to see what was going on, and we are glad we did.”

Attendance wasn’t what was expected. The number was low but the event was  also fighting with Halloween activities that were happening on and off campus.

Havrilla said she was upset with the low attendance but didn’t think the event was a complete waste.

“Sometimes it is hard introducing change onto our campus,” said Havrilla. “I know that everyone working the event had headphones on all night.”

Graduate assistant of Student Affairs, Karen McCaffrey, said the handful of students who did attend seemed to be having a good time.

“Sometimes all you can do is hope the event doesn’t completely flop,” said McCaffrey. “If we can walk away knowing we gave some students something fun to do, then our job is done.”

The event was anticipated to run from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., but because of the lack of participants the event ended early at 11:00 p.m.

“I was upset to come back and find the event over,” said senior Karen Borst. “I was looking forward to Headphone Disco all week and was looking forward to attending it on my birthday.”

Borst, along with other friends, said they hope to see Headphone Disco brought back to campus at some point.

“All in all I was happy to see Headphone Disco make it on our campus,” said Moody.