by Laura Wetherbee


            With Election Day fast approaching, many students at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) ask the question “Why should I vote?”

According to Huffington Post’s article “The Soul of a Citizen: Does Your Vote Really Matter?” by Dr. Judith Rich, voting is both a right and a responsibility as a United States Citizens.

Rich discusses how our country’s democracy is founded by the principle of free and fair elections, in which every eligible citizen casts a vote.  She explains how it is our responsibility as citizens to protect this process, which does not happen when citizens decide not to vote. listed the top ten reasons why college students should vote, and the number one reason said because it is your right.  Many governments around the world do not allow citizens to take part in electing officials.  The article emphasized how the health of our democracy relies on your participation.

This article also discusses how policy issues will affect your future, and how important it is to research and cast your vote for candidates that pursue the same policy interests as you.

An example could be how politicians continually make decisions about higher education costs and student loan policies, which directly affects students.

It is important to follow up and research the candidates.

We live in a technologically driven age where a simple Google search can give any answers in no time.  People can no longer say they know nothing about a political candidate’s interests or ideas because they can simply go online to research.

People often justify their decision not to vote based on the belief that their vote does not matter.  According to, every voice is small in a huge presidential election because there are millions of other voters. This does not mean, though, that your vote does not matter.

The article explains how there are many others out there who have the same opinions you do, and by not voting you are giving up on what you envision for your country.  By not supporting your beliefs and casting your vote, you are letting down the other people with the same mindset as you.

Take charge this Election Day and use your right as a citizen of the United States to cast your vote for the candidate of your choice.  It is our responsibility as citizens to uphold the democratic process of elections by participating as voting citizens.

Go to to register to vote if you have not already done so.  Visit to get you absentee ballot if you will not be home on Election Day.