Cultural Expo
(Photo by Anthony Krueger)

by Opeyemi Ifaforee

Everyone likes to eat. Especially good food, no matter who we are or where we come from, and that’s exactly what took place at this year’s Cultural Expo at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) on April 8.

Hosted by Student Activities in collaboration with the Office of International Programs, the Cultural Expo exposed students to different foods, music, artifacts, and cultural information.

Food included, but was not limited to: falafel, a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, from Israel; Ginataang Mais, a Filipino snack or dessert made from whole kernel corn; malagkit rice and coconut milk; and the traditional cheeseburger and fries from the United States.

Flags draped on the railings above the Aquinas MST Atrium were displayed to show all the countries represented by the international students at MSMC.

This was the first year Student Activities collaborated with International Programs on the event.

Caitlin Houlihan, assistant director of student activities, said collaborating with International Programs was a great way to introduce new things to the student body. It  was an opportunity for attendees to learn about the study abroad programs available to them.

Emily Marmo, director of international studies program, said the college sent over 100 students to 10 different countries this year, a number is greater than any other year.

The move of the International Programs from the Villa to Hudson Hall has been a tremendous help in exposing more students on campus to the travel opportunities available to them.

Many students in attendance who had been at previous Cultural Expos said they were very impressed with this year’s event.

“Look at how many people are here,” said senior Emily Blew. “There are many people getting involved.”

Junior business marketing major, Laura Lomolino, said her love of different foods was a big reason for her attendance. ‘There is variety in the food selection,” Lomolino said. “There are more artifacts this year too.”

As both Houlihan and Marmo said, the Cultural Expo is a great way to expose students to something different.

“I hope students leave the expo saying they learned and tried something new,” Houlihan said.

“[The] Cultural Expo allows students the ability to experience something outside of Newburgh,” Marmo said. “Not everyone [is] able to do a study abroad program, but being exposed to information can help you understand different cultures.”

If you have any questions about the study abroad programs available, visit the International Programs office in Hudson 106A.