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By: Fiona Jamieson

Mount Saint Mary College’s communications department celebrated the opening of its third annual CMA Gallery on Mar. 1. The subjects of the gallery are the works of Erica Houser, an artist based in Newburgh and co-owner of Beacon’s Catalyst Gallery, and Sienna Martz, a fiber-based artist living in Kingston.

The theme of the gallery is “Explorations in Form.” Both artists explored and depicted their art through shapes. Houser’s art takes basic color palettes from life and translates them into basic shapes. Martz’s art, on the other hand, is more tactile-based, made to appeal to senses of touch as well as sight.

According to Christopher Neyen, a professor of graphic design and art at the Mount, the purpose of the gallery is “to support Hudson Valley artists and allow Mount Saint Mary College to become involved in the creative community.” He met Houser through her shows and found Martz online through #HudsonValleyArtists.

The communications department plans on bringing more art to the Mount in the future. Dean Goldberg, associate professor of communication arts, said, “The future in September is a one-man show by Norm Magnusson. He is a very internationally-known artist and raconteur. We can’t wait until he gets here next fall.”

Several students, faculty members and alumni gathered at the opening of this gallery. As they gazed upon the artwork, guests also conversed with the artists, learning more about the creative process and gaining a better perspective of the intent of each piece.

This gallery will be on display until May 22, so stop by the first floor of Aquinas Hall some time before then to experience Houser and Martz’s visions for yourself.