Ukrainian Troops
A Ukrainian serviceman guards a military base in the Crimean town of Belbek. (Photo by Shamil Zhumatov, Reuters)

by Angelo Pacheco

Weeks ago, Ukraine’s domestic instability and rioting were all over the news. Currently, Ukraine is not only ravaged by politics and their economy, but they face another disaster: Russia has forcibly moved in and the takeover of Crimea has begun.

Crimea is currently recognized as Ukraine territory. The Russians are displeased that Ukraine does not want to accept their financial partnership, and Russia fears that Ukraine may become westernized. Russia may want to keep these former Soviet territories because they need allies. The European Union (EU) has many countries incorporated, and is gradually expanding. Hence, Russia’s invasion of Crimea may serve as a backlash towards the EU and the western world. Russia believes the EU has become a democratic, capitalistic monopoly. The European Union is acquiring nations that are accepting these doctrines.

Russia views Ukraine’s domestic hardships as a opportunity to capitalize, seize territory, and gain influence in Crimea. Russia might fear isolation from the political and economic structures in western Europe as the EU continues to expand. The western nations have shared their disapproval of Russia’s imperialistic actions. Their invasion could be their final plea to keep the former Soviet Union territory under their influence.

President Obama said, “I think even the Ukrainians would acknowledge that for us to engage Russia militarily would not be appropriate and wouldn’t be good for Ukraine either.”

This seems to be the platform the western world has taken. Many nations are distraught and frustrated by Russia’s actions, but they want to see the events unravel because Ukraine has seen enough destruction in the past six months. The western world seems cautious and does not want to meddle with this current issue. They would prefer to respond when the issue becomes more urgent.

The platform may be to solve the issue diplomatically and use military force as the final option. However, these nations must be aware of Russia’s agenda. Russia views the capture of Crimea as a “state of emergency.” If they lose Ukraine, the domino effect will be in motion. Other former Soviet Union territories could become part of the EU.

Russia will be all alone.

They view Crimea as their final attempt to keep Ukraine and other former Soviet Union territories under one home. This could backfire and animosity may redevelop towards Russia and the former Soviet Union regime. Russia is in a struggle for dominance and diplomatic integrity. It feels it may be closed away from the EU, and fears that nations east of their border will be enveloped under the EU. Russia views EU as an alliance and an enemy.

These events will continue to transpire. Russia is in the fight of their life. They do not plan to back down to the western world and the world awaits their next move.