(Photo provided by Mount Saint Mary College Marketing)

by Mary Kehoe

It was an exciting night on Mount Saint Mary Campus when Downtown Fiction, Mayday Parade, and We the Kings came to play a sold out show on Sunday, March 4th.  All throughout the weekend, Student Government Association (SGA) members could be seen shuffling about making preparations for the show. It was undeniable that enthusiasm for the upcoming event was mounting both on Mount Saint Mary’s campus and in Newburgh locals alike who were also anticipating the concert.

When evening finally came, a variety of fans gathered outside of Aquinas Hall waiting for the doors to open. The demographics within the auditorium were quite diverse. There were Mount Saint Mary College students, who were easily identifiable, unfamiliar teens, pre-teens accompanied by parents and siblings, faculty members, and many other excited faces. The audience roared with some dedicated fans, as well as members who were coming out to hear the band for the first time. Nonetheless, the crowd was alive and ready to have a good time.

The first band to take the stage was Downtown Fiction, and although their set was the shortest of the three bands, it was memorable. There songs were very melodic and catchy, and their stage presence was instantly captivating, starting off the night on a positive and energetic note.

Shortly thereafter, Mayday Parade took the stage. Their songs were quick and their energy was invigorating. Their wild presence exalted the crowd to a heightened sense of suspense and vitality.

Lastly, the highly anticipated We the Kings took the stage for their performance. There set was different than one might have expected, considering their drummer broke his arm and their permanent bass player recently left tour because he needed to have surgery. However, despite these roadblocks, the band still managed to play a full, well-done set. New songs from the album Sunshine State of Mind were mixed with classics from previous albums, and headliners such as “Say You like Me” and “Check Yes Juliet” were included as well. The band had no reservations when it came to getting the crowd involved, and the lead singer of the band, Travis Clark, shared jokes and anecdotes that added an heir of spontaneity and charm to the entire performance.

After the show came to a close, fans funneled out of the auditorium, and most seemed to feel content and impressed by the concert. One Mount student said, “It was really fun, and I thought the bands did a great job with getting the fans involved.” And so, another night goes by at the Mount, yet this one is sure to be one that remains within the collective memory of many.

The Spring Concert is special for this very reason, in that it brings together Mount Saint Mary students and people from the neighboring community through music, and as a result, an energy manifests that is so unique from, yet a part of, the campus itself. During the closing songs of the show, Clark proclaimed a sentiment regarding the brevity of life, and he stated how he believed every moment should not be wasted and every night should be better than the next. As cars left the campus in a mass exodus following the concert, there was a positive vibe roaming campus, and it seemed clear that this was undoubtedly one of those nights.