Queen Elsa in Frozen. (Photo courtesy of twitter.com/frozenfans)

by Madison Hanlon

She just could not let it go.

New Jersey resident and author Isabella Tanikumi, also known as Amy Gonzalez, is suing Disney for taking elements from two of her books, “Yearnings of the Heart” and “Living My Truth.”

According to CNN Money, Tanikumi is demanding a sum of $250 million and the “cease and desist from any and all sales, distribution and marketing of ‘Frozen’ in any media format.”

Tanikumi insists that 18 elements from the movie come directly from her book, including two sisters, a village, betrayal, and more.

However, according to New York Daily News, Disney defends themselves by saying that the story line is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s 1844 fairy tale, “The Snow Queen.”

This would be a devastating hit to Disney due to the fact that the movie has brought in over $1 billion from the box office and also millions in merchandise.

The Latin Post says that the hit movie was the highest grossing animated movie of all time. Disney was also planning on expanding the franchise. New York Daily News claims Disney is planning big things for the hit film including a Broadway play and an Epcot theme park ride.

What does Disney have to say about the law suit? A Disney spokesperson told CNN that “This is beyond ridiculous; she needs to let it go.”