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By: Claudia Larsen

Mount students showcased their talent as part of the annual MSMC Art Show on Apr. 12.

For the last two years, a senior Mount student organized the art show for their senior project. This year, Kayla O’Connor, a public relations major with a minor in art, took on the event, hoping to broadcast her PR skills as well as her artistic abilities through designing the promotional posters.

All throughout the Hudson auditorium, stationed on easels and tables, were more than 20 pieces submitted by 29 students. The mediums on display included paintings, photography, poetry and graphic design art.

The art show dedicated more time to performances than it has in previous years, featuring poetry readings, a snippet from the Spring MSMC theatre production of “The Wolves,” improvisation by MSMC Improvology and dancing by Alpha Step Knights. The show also exhibited videography art created by students.

Blake Croteau, a sophomore and member of MSMC Improvology, performed at the event. Having never attended an art show at the Mount until this year, he stated that “it was pretty interesting,” also adding that the inclusion of the performing arts club “was a plus.”

Moreover, O’Connor put forth the effort to integrate more clubs into the show. Outside the auditorium, several clubs set up tables and encouraged guests to engage in crafty activities, such as Get Creative making air fresheners and Anime teaching how to draw Japanese characters.

With well over 30 attendees, the show was, at the end of the day, a success. “The clubs were amazing. The performances were super entertaining. And the art,” O’Connor said, “was mind blowing.”