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By Tori Kuhr

With the rise of technology expanding into every aspect of professional and private life and the growing global crisis of cybersecurity, there is a dire need for cybersecurity professionals in every workplace.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs is bound to increase by 18 percent by the year 2024 from the more than 200,000 unfilled jobs in 2016. The median annual wage was above $90,000 in 2016. The field of Information Technology (IT) is an ever-expanding one that isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Recently, Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) introduced a new cyber security concentration to enhance the skills of students studying Information Technology. MSMC wants to prepare its students with courses covering technical, ethical, legal and contemporary topics found in the field. Adding on a cyber security concentration makes a student more marketable to further specialize in a skill.

Requirements needed to complete a cyber security concentration includes taking 24 credits in classes ranging from introduction to cryptology to application, operating and network security.

  • MTH 2250 – Introduction to Cryptology
  • MTH 2450 – Topics in Computer Mathematics or MTH 2350 Discrete Mathematics
  • CIT 3610 – Network Operating Systems and Administration
  • CIT 4350 – Database Management Systems
  • CIT 4520 – Application Software Security
  • CIT 4540 – Operating Systems Security
  • CIT 4610 – Network Security
  • 3 Credits of any CIT course 2000 level or above

These classes are geared towards developing students’ professional skills in identifying and understanding the vulnerabilities in computer databases and operating systems to protect against hackers and cyber-attacks.

By MSMC providing its students with hands-on experience and opportunities inside and outside the classroom to enhance their skill, its students are more prepared to enter any business, large or small.