Image courtesy of: MSMC Flickr

By: Tori Kuhr

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Symposium held on Oct. 3, 2019 showcased the research undergraduate students completed with their mentors from over the summer. The SURE program consisted of two five-week periods where students can choose either one or both of the sessions. At the end of their session, the students presented a lecture to their peers and fellow faculty members on their finds, their research process and what they learned. This presentation was a practice for the poster presentation only a couple months later. 

The symposium showcased an array of projects in the sciences, education, math, business and arts and letters divisions. One of the posters included Jose Colotlacuateco’s research with faculty mentor Dr. Anthony Scardillo on “Life After College: What Skills and Competencies Employers Look for that Colleges Don’t Teach,” which attempted to see if the values of recent college graduates similarly lined up with the values employers wish to see in their graduates. Others included Michelle Canovale working with faculty mentor Dr. Elizabeth Harper on “Salivary Markers of Stress, Satisfaction, Bonding and Immunity Observed Before and After Kirtan Chanting” and Kerri-Anne Ferri working with Professor Dean Goldberg on “The Outcasts: Film Noir and the Hollywood Blacklist.”

The symposium was open to the Mount community and the public to come support these young researchers, learn more about the student research and how students can get involved in the program. Research is not reserved for just the sciences but crosses over to other disciplines too.