Image courtesy of: Kelsey Simeone

By Charlie Sloves

A new project has evolved on campus in hopes to help fund medical needs for children who are patients at Shriners Hospitals by collecting the tabs off cans.

Kelsey Simeone, a junior at the Mount, saw other college campuses taking part in this project all over Facebook. Simeone decided to take matters into her own hands, asking Student Activities if she would be able to start this on campus; they later approved of her idea.

“This project does not require any funding by the college, and it is for a great cause so I am very happy it was approved,” said Simeone.

The Project Can Tab is a new initiative where can tabs are recycled in buckets, instead of being put out to the side of the street for recycling.

Simeone said, “Since can tabs are the only part of cans that are 100 percent aluminum, they are allowed to be scrapped for money which is donated to patients at these hospitals.”

She started by handing out buckets to students on campus, students who live off campus, members of health services, security and other offices in the school, in hopes to recycle as many tabs as possible.

After the buckets are full, the tabs are returned to the Shriners Hospitals, and the money goes directly to children who are suffering with medical issues such as burn victims, children with autism, children with cancer or any type of illness who are up to 18 years old and need medical attention. The project allows the patients and their families not to worry about the financing.

“We will be holding weigh-in contests outside the dining hall,” Simeone said, “and whoever has the heaviest bucket of can tabs will receive a prize.”

She hopes that this project will continue until she graduates and that it will eventually be passed on to someone else, and that the college will continue to donate the can tabs to the hospitals to help these children in need.

In order for this project to be successful, Simeone encourages Mount students to ask for a bucket and to start collecting the tabs. The project has an Instagram page where the adventure can be followed: @msmc_cantab.