By Nicole Godnick

At the end of September, the college announced a new online meal purchase option for commuter students. The meal plan is supposed to make it easier for commuter students to dine in and purchase block meal plans but is it actually easier?

The block plans consist of 20 meals for $223, 45 meals for $475, or 90 meals for $894.

“It’s a good idea. You just have to be smart about how you use it”, says Autumn Snoop, a sophomore commuter at the college.

If you plan on swiping into The View and spending time working on assignments, you could easily get two meals for the price of one. 

The meals at the view go up in pricing depending on whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So depending on how you swipe, you could be losing money, saving money, or breaking even.

Either way, having a meal plan allows you to swipe your student ID card instead of having to pull out your credit card to pay. 

Still not sure about the food at The View and want to give it a try? Student Government Association’s Commuter Affairs Senator Daniel McGrath often hosts events where commuters can eat for free!

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