Bert and Det while performing at the MSMC Hudson Auditorium on Feb. 9. Photo courtesy of the Mount Activities & Programming Instagram page.

By: Nicole Godnick

Black History Month, which is celebrated every February, is a celebration and powerful reminder of the Black Americans who suffered centuries of injustice and persecution. These figures should be remembered for their contributions in paving the road so that their future generations can have a better life. While there is still plenty of inequality in the world, the fight for equality and justice continues. 

The Student Activities Office has planned out events throughout February to bring recognition to Black History Month. The calendar showcasing all of the events to celebrate Black History Month can be found on the @mapmsmc Instagram page!

One particular event that happened last week was “Epic Rap Battles of Black History” with Bert and Det. The event, which took place on Feb. 9, was meant to educate students in a fun and interactive way. 

One student who attended the event says that their favorite part of the event was “actually learning about Black history in a fun way rather than them just talking. They did a wonderful job of explaining the history and making it so that I can remember it.”

Bert and Det went through three different rounds of rap battles, rapping as Black historians. The first round: Malcolm X vs. Martin Luther King, the second round: Lebron James and Colin Kaepernick, and lastly: Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks. Each round showed the difference in movements of these Black figures to teach an overall lesson of advocacy vs. activism. 

After the event, students could take away that these changing movements come in different forms. Whether you are practicing advocacy or activism, you are still making a difference. 

The event was a great way to teach students about the past, so that we will continue to improve for the future. After all, “you guys are the future of the decisions you are going to make,” tells Bert and Det.