By Emily Gursky

On April 18, a group of Mount students headed to the Bronx to watch the New York Yankees play the Tampa Bay Rays, on a trip sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Student Activities Office. This was the first trip offered to students this year and an exciting opportunity, especially because the last time tickets were offered to a major league ball game was in March 2020 — just before all trips and events were promptly cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tickets sold out in just minutes. The lucky few who got one enjoyed the game from section 107, behind right field. Each inning students kept an eye out for Aaron Judge in right field, hoping he’d toss a ball their way. They also got to witness the powerhouse Giancarlo Stanton slam a home run, basically right next to them. 

Yankee Stadium was also at a reduced capacity, so students were able to avoid crowds and could move around as they pleased to explore the historic stadium — and grab a classic foot-long hot dog or a bucket of garlic fries.

Although the Yankees finished with a tough loss (4-2), the trip was a success and a nice break from the hustle of this busy semester. Students were able to spend time with each other at an exciting event, off-campus, for the first time in a while. And that’s a great thing.