Mount students kayaking at sunset on the Hudson, on a trip organized by MAP. Photo courtesy of Mount Saint Mary College on Flickr.

By: Mary Marrero

Spirit at the Mount is finally back and is hopefully here to stay with all the new exciting activities coming our way. These events not only take a lot of planning but more importantly bring the student body together for unforgettable memories. When the pandemic first hit, many students were afraid to even go on campus along with many activities being put on pause. This was a time in which many Mount students felt the distance between themselves and their community. Nevertheless, the Mount Activities Programming Board (MAP) and the Student Government Association (SGA) are working hard to spread happiness and a sense of community back into the lives of Mount Students.

Assistant Director of Student Activities, Marissa Theriault, and Director of Student Activities, Barbara Mulligan are both responsible for guiding student leaders to plan all the events on campus. Theriault is the advisor of MAP and supervises the clubs at the Mount. She was truly moved by all the excitement that she was able to bring to the community when planning events.

“The clubs are excited once again to be planning activities, and it makes me so happy to see the return of that enthusiasm. It really is both heartwarming and exciting to see students back to planning events the way they used to,” said Theriault.

Activities such as MAP DIY Halloween Bleach Dye T-Shirts (10/12 at the Sod Field, 5-7pm), Latino Student Union’s Hispanic Heritage Celebration (10/15 at the Hudson Auditorium, 6-8pm) and the Annual Bonfire Tradition (10/23 at 6 pm) will mark the end of Mount Spirit week. These are the big signature events that many students are anticipating.

These events don’t just happen overnight, they take meticulous planning and dedication from both the student body in combination with Mulligan and Theriault’s input. To begin this process, students will look at current events for inspiration along with popular event trends taken from other universities. Students are then given a planning retreat during August in order to further plan and facilitate their ideas and planning supplies. Once ideas are formulated, smaller details such as date, time and location are what make these events finalized. Overall, Mulligan is excited to work closely with the Mount students again along with being able to plan more elaborate events.

“Right now, we are really trying to engage all of the classes together. We want them to identify with their class but at the same time as a community. We hope spirit week brings our students together, especially at the Bonfire.” Mulligan continued, “I really hope everyone remembers what it’s like to be a community again along with being a proud member of the Mount.”