By: Samantha Smith

On Sept. 16, Professor James Phillips held theater auditions for a series of plays which will be the first in-person performances since COVID began. 

There are a good number of students participating, which will allow for six 10-minute plays. These plays have been written by students from last year as well as alumni. 

James Phillips, Professor of Arts and Letters and Theater Director, says, “the auditions went well. It’s been almost two years since we have performed, so I was happy to see the turnout we got for auditions.” 

A member of theater, Todd Weaver adds, “the auditions were incredibly stress free and each cast member is amazing to work with.” 

The theater members were prompted to write about something reflective of the times we’re living in right now. Their stories varied from something more lighthearted like ‘two college roommates accidentally summon Beelzebub to their apartment’ to more serious topics such as dealing directly with the pandemic. Although they differed, all somehow encapsulated what life was like during the first months of the pandemic. 

“The productions allow me to work differently than I can in the classroom. It’s just good to be working collaboratively with students again,” stated Phillips. 

Weaver says, “I took part in Professor Phillips’ iROC last year and have seen most of these plays before, but they are ever-evolving now that they are going to be in person.”