By: Matt Rothstein

A Knight Radio closer look at the Digital Media Production Capstone

Before walking on stage to receive a degree, Mount Saint Mary College Digital Media Production students must put their skills to the test in their capstone class. 

Dean Goldberg, director of the Communication Art and Digital Media Program, said it’s important for future students who are taking the class. “Capstone is only for those who are planning to make a career in some sort of communication media in terms of digital media production,” said Goldberg. 

The capstone project fits with both four-year students, and transfer students. It all depends on if the students have the requirements to take the classes. Classes required to take are Digital Media Production I/II, Audio Production, Film Script Writing and Writing for Mass Media. 

Students have a variety of options in how they want to do the capstone. This includes narratives, documentaries and long trailers. The requirement for the project is that it needs to be 10 to 15 minutes long. 

Mark Laya is an interdisciplinary student between Digital Media Production and IT. Mount Saint Mary College will have a video game design major this fall, and Laya hopes to use the major to build his own game.  

Video games have had a huge impact in Laya’s life and now he is finally making his own called Kill Box Battle Royal. This game will include a battle royal multiplayer, survival mode, and a campaign. So far, it’s in the earliest stages of development. 

Laya’s trailer will be taking a unique approach compared to other students doing the production capstone this year. He said, “The way I’m doing it is I brought a Elgato Capture Card to plug into my Xbox to capture gameplay footage…it’s been atypical in terms of filming it.”