By: Samantha Smith

This semester has definitely felt the closest to a normal college experience there has been since the start of the pandemic and I know that many can agree. With the vaccine requirement allowing students to return to fully in person classes, participate in a regular sports season and be involved in clubs and organizations, the Mount campus is now feeling more complete and lively. 

Students, staff and faculty have been working hard to make sure the students are getting back into the swing of things by planning in person events and meetings, trying to get everyone involved one way or another. 

Kelly Platt, a senior soccer player, says, “it feels amazing to be back on the field full time. I’ve missed being able to do what I love most.”

Our campus is finally regaining its homey feeling by more students just simply being there together, whether it be doing outside activities, studying at a picnic table, walking to class or enjoying a coffee with a view and friends. 

Joshua Laskowski, Student Body President, says, “it finally feels like a true college campus again. I am able to now be actively present and involved in the Student Government Office which the now-lifted COVID restrictions allow me to do.” 

Take some time for yourself, get some fresh air and enjoy all that college life has to offer.