By: Samantha Spencer

Mount Saint Mary College junior, Emily Araujo, has had a passion for photography and production since high school.

Araujo said, “I have never been good at expressing myself or been able to tell a story through writing or school work in general, photography allows me to.” Photography has always come easy to her, it is a natural talent.

In high school she won an award for one of her pictures. She stated “I named the picture ‘Sunset Boulevard’ because it matched the theme of the picture but it was also my favorite song at the time.” The picture she took was taken in California at a fair, while the sun was setting. The colors in the picture are absolutely beautiful.

Araujo’s award-winning photograph, “Sunset Boulevard.”

Araujo also stated that, “There have definitely been times that I felt like giving up photography from frustration but that is when you ask people questions and gain knowledge.”

This is very inspiring to me because I know in my life there have been many times I would struggle at something and feel like giving it up. In life there will be challenges that you have to overcome in order to be successful and this is a perfect example of this. It not only builds your confidence but it builds character. 

Araujo says her favorite part of photography is the satisfaction when the pictures are finalized and edited because she feels very accomplished and proud of her work. 

When Araujo graduates she would like to work in production specifically in audio. She says, “Even though I am not pursuing photography as a career, I will always do it as a hobby because it makes me happy.” 

She wants people to be inspired by her to follow their passions and dreams in life. Araujo continued to say, “Follow your dreams because at the end of the day doing what you love is really all that matters.”