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By: Kimberly Kelly

Every year, Black History Month is honored throughout the nation, and Mount Saint Mary College is no exception. Black Student Union, along with other organizations across campus, hosted various activities and educational events throughout the month, such as the array of photos of black influencers displayed in the Aquinas atrium and African Attire Thursday, inviting MSMC students and staff to dress in African-inspired fashion.

The celebration came to a close on Feb. 28 with a panel presented by Mount Activities Programming and Higher Education Opportunity Program, featuring former councilwoman Gay Lee, as well as members of the MSMC faculty.

This event initiated discussion about growing up as a black individual. Attendees asked a myriad of engaging questions about what it means to be black in America as well as how it affects one’s life.

In addition, the panelists presented personal anecdotes from their own lives, analyzing the race issues of today and reinforcing the importance of Black History Month. They offered integral insight and guidance to the audience, stressing why the conversation needs to continue in order to bring awareness to the plight of marginalized groups.

Black History Month is a time of remembrance and reflection, but the panel also advocated that it can become a time of action. At the end of the event, Andres Carpio, the Mount’s HEOP academic counselor, urged everyone to keep pushing forward. “Change is uncomfortable,” he said, “but change is essential.”