Big Brothers, Big Sisters
The mentors and children of Big Brothers Big Sisters picking pumpkins. (Photo by Jeanine Verderosa)

by Jeanine Verderosa

On Sunday, October 6th, Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Orange County gathered at the Manza Family Farm, located in Montgomery, New York, for one of their bi-monthly meet ups.

BBBS is a national organization that works with less fortunate children in local communities. College and high school students have the opportunity to mentor and spend time with the children while engaging in fun activities.

This organization is beneficial to the children involved, as well as the mentors. Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children who face hardships at home or at school. This organization gives them an escape from all of their problems while providing them time to be kids with guidance from their bigs. Within BBBS, children are referred to as “littles” and mentors are “bigs.”

Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) students recently had the opportunity to spend time with their littles while they went pumpkin picking. Tom Manza, current owner of the Manza Family Farm, was involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters, so Manza understands the hardships that young children who are less fortunate face. The cost of the trip was covered in full by the Manza Family Farm. Each little received a free pumpkin to decorate with their big and free food to snack on throughout the course of the day. There were many fun activities for the bigs and littles to partake in. Each pair participated in a maze, fed the different farm animals, and decorated a pumpkin together, all while the bigs answered questions that the littles had for them.

The outcome of the gathering was a success and Mount Saint Mary College BBBS students look forward to future meet ups with their littles.