image courtesy of: Nicole Allen

By Nicole Allen

On Tuesday, March 15th from 12:00 pm-4:00 pm, Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) seniors Ana Dubetsky and Barbara Rybacki hosted an event to raise money for Hudson Valley Cancer Resource Center. Their event was playfully titled “Bark for a Cure,” and was named after Ana’s dog Gizmo.

Gizmo is a four-legged beagle Cancer Investigator who is trying to “sniff” out cancer.  The girl’s hid dog-related clues like paw-prints, dog bowls and other such things around campus on Monday, March 14th.

“No one in our generation likes depressing things; so we had to make our senior project/fundraiser fun,” said Barbara, who tried to create a clever way to fundraise. “Ana and I figured a scavenger hunt would be fun and get a lot of students involved.”

The next day students were encouraged to bring these clues to the table the girls set up in front of “The View” in Aquinas hall.

Once a student brought a clue to the table they were eligible for various prizes. The prizes included; a free cupcake, a t-shirt with Ana’s adorable dog gizmo on the front, giveaway’s and raffle tickets to places like “Billy Joes”, “Downtown” and many more. Students were also encouraged to donate whatever money they had to support this deserving cause.

At the table the girls handed pamphlets out to students about the Hudson Valley Cancer Resource Center. The Hudson Valley Cancer Recourse Center offers; referrals, support groups for teens and adults with cancer, support groups for caregivers and an annual Hudson Valley Cancer Survivorship Summit. All of these services are free and available to all or any Hudson Valley Resident.


Overall, the event was a success and the girls were able to raise over $150 for the Hudson Valley Cancer Resource Center and MSMC students were able to learn more about a nonprofit organization that helps cancer patients and their families