by Catie Kehoe

Mount Saint Mary College has recently launched a blog about the Knight Life, and anyone can submit posts! The blog aims to cover the entire spectrum of campus life with writers ranging from students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The blog covers everything from student activities, to sporting events, to academic news.

The most unique aspect of the blog is the personal lens that allows readers to delve into a variety of viewpoints about what’s going on around the campus. Mount insiders give their own accounts of the stories in our community, which makes reading them more relatable. If you have ever pondered about what the college’s summer research program might be like, you can read Steph Weaver’s riveting piece about her personal experience. If you have ever entertained the thought of pursuing a nursing major, check out Annie Llewellyn’s insightful article that might help you to decide your fate.

The Knight Life blog is a stellar forum of information for students and prospective students. A mosaic of outlooks is always beneficial, so feel free to let your voice be heard! To contribute your story, check out the site: