Image courtesy of: Alberto Gilman

By Alberto Gilman

At the pinnacle of Mount Saint Mary College’s Spring Weekend, the school hosted and welcomed singer Jesse McCartney, who gave a memorable  performance.

Months of careful planning and hard work were put into making the 2018 Spring Weekend one to remember for the students. From the venues, the decorations, club performances, games, food and overall experience, the Office of Student Activities and dedicated Student Government are proud of their efforts.

As a special offer upon initial purchase, MSMC students were also able to purchase a meet and greet pass with McCartney when he arrived on campus. For about an hour after the meet and greet, students lined up outside of Aquinas hall in frigid weather, eager for the concert to begin.

After crowding into the theater, the lights went low, fans rushed the stage and the whole auditorium screamed for Jesse. With a flash of light, McCartney in all of his swagger walked out and started playing with a mixer and his guitarist for a few minutes.

The instrumental to one of his well-known hits, “Leavin’”, filled the room and the audience exploded. All the fans could be heard screaming with joy and singing along to the entirety of McCartney’s set, feeling like they were young kids again. Some of the attendees shed a few tears, others were in complete shock, and the majority just didn’t stop screaming for the whole concert.

McCartney performed several hits for the fans, most notably: “Body Language,” “Better With You,” “Wasted” and “Superbad.”

His biggest song for many fans, “Beautiful Soul,” was the moment everyone was waiting for. Teasing the audience by leaving, the fans screamed for the song and when he returned and performed it as his final song, the crowd was overtaken.

For the rest of the night, Snapchat stories, Instagram posts and other social media feed were swamped with clips and shots of McCartney.

Image courtesy of: Alberto Gilman