by Katrina Avila

They’ve taken Beverly Hills, Manhattan, Atlanta, New Jersey and Miami by storm. Now, their newest conquest is Mount Saint Mary College. With them they bring a whole new air of sophistication, class and cleanliness not seen in this area since the 1960s. They are the Real Housewives of Mount Saint Mary College.

Johanna Seidel, president of RHMSMC, founded the club in the spring of her freshman year back in 2011. “I wanted a place where I could do what I’m truly passionate about and share it with other people,” says Seidel. She went on to explain that she started cooking and cleaning from a very early age, on her own accord– mommy didn’t have to tell her twice.

The club regularly sponsors cooking classes every first and third Tuesday of the month at 8pm on the first floor of CC 21. Ladies can learn how to make all sorts of meals, hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and cocktails over the course of one semester, and will eventually become a kitchen master.

RHMSMC’s biggest fundraising effort is their Laundrython, in which resident students can pay to get their laundry done for them. “We wash, dry, iron, and starch clothes for $2 per load,” says Seidel. For an extra dollar they will deliver the clothes to your room. You can drop off your dirty clothes to any of the laundry rooms on campus from 10am to noon every Saturday and Sunday. All proceeds benefit the Greater Housewives of America–the national organization dedicated to maintaining and upholding the standards and ideals of housewives across the country.

Seidel receives scrutiny from much of the Mount community, because she is not yet, in fact, a housewife. “It’s all about preparation. I want nothing more in life than to have the perfect family–a husband, two kids, and a dog. It’s a woman’s duty to take care of her family and make sure that they have everything they need. I think it’s important to teach other young women how to do that.”

RHMSMC is always looking for some smiling faces to join them in their housewife glory. Come down to any of the following events and learn how to be the perfect housewife, Betty Draper style:

Thursday, April 4th 7pm– Housing Lottery Open House Mocktail Party (Hudson Glass Lounge)

Monday, April 8th 4pm– Etiquette Class (Whittaker Hall)

Wednesday, April 17th 8pm– The Perfect Hostess (CC 21, first floor lounge)

Thursday, April 25th 8pm– Cleaning Lessons (Knight Spot)*

*Wear clothing that you don’t particularly care about for this event.

You’ve been fooled!
This post was published as part of our 2013 April Fool’s Day edition. We hope you enjoy this issue!