Dear Editor:

In regards to Victoria Kuhr’s November 2018 article, “What’s with the Campus Wifi?” I’d like to offer a response from Mount Saint Mary College IT.

Feedback from the students is valued by our department and lapses in service with printers and wireless connectivity are taken seriously. I’d recommend that failures be reported when they are experienced – information such as a user’s name, device used, location, and time are very helpful to us in identifying issues and working towards a resolution.

We admit we had some service disruptions and have corrected a number of the issues. We are always working to make things better.

Ms. Kuhr’s article suggests that failures are “a waiting game” and implies that reports of lapses of service are disregarded by our department. Nothing can be further from the truth. We need students’ input.

Users should reach out to our office when issues occur. Our phone is 845-569-3491 and our email is

I would suggest that readers do not follow Ms. Kuhr’s advice and instead contact us when problems arise. Help us improve the IT experience at the Mount.
Thank You –

Brett Bodner