Long Island Medium
Theresa Caputo, the "Long Island Medium" (Photo courtesy of blog.sfgate.com)

by Kristen LaMarca

The sassy Long Island Medium mom who we’ve all come to love is back for her fifth season.

Theresa Caputo lives in Hicksville, Long Island with her husband Larry and her two children Larry Jr. and Victoria. She’s just like every other Long Island mom except she can talk to the dead. This isn’t something from the movie “The Sixth Sense”; it’s something much more realistic than that.

Caputo first experienced spirits when she was 4 years old. In her book “There’s More To Life Than This,” she tells her readers that as a little girl she always saw an old man walking back and forth outside her window at night. The man was not in human form, but in the form of a spirit. Often times, the spirit would chant, “We want Theresa Brigandi. We want Theresa Brigandi.”

Soon after, spirits would come to her, and these were the spirits of her loved ones who had crossed over. At 33 years old, she finally accepted her gift. Caputo only has the power to talk to good spirits; bad spirits are not part of her package. She blocks out bad spirits when she gives people spiritual readings.

In each season of her show, she will make you laugh until you cry, literally. Caputo gives her spiritual readings at her house, clients’ houses, and venues where she goes on tour. Her clients vary from adults to children to teenagers. Spirits are unique in this way; they can come to anyone no matter what the age.

You always know when Caputo is about to give a reading. It isn’t her hair that’s full of all the secrets; it’s her lips. Caputo puckers her lips, which indicates that a spirit is coming to her. Spirits are everywhere and can come at any time. She’ll give you a good laugh when a spirit comes while she’s grocery shopping. Caputo will stop in the middle of the store and pop the question to the person in relation to the spirit and ask, “Has your loved one recently crossed over?”

The purpose of this show is to add new meaning to people’s lives. The clients she reads are stuck in the past, living with grief and regret. Caputo helps her clients move on by putting peace and happiness in their hearts.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to get a reading, you can experience her gift vicariously through her clients on the show. Watching one episode and seeing her gift can give you a new outlook on life.

Caputo is a wonderful, talented, sweet, and sassy individual. She’ll keep you at the edge of your seat. She will always have you laughing, and she will often make you cry. She is a woman who will truly warm your heart. Watch and see for yourself.

Catch Theresa and all her surprises every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on TLC.