Snow. (Photo courtesy of

by Victoria Alario


NEWBURGHStudents at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) admit to losing motivation for schoolwork and sports over the winter interim due to the effects of cold weather.

Sophomore Erica Weaver would rather spend the winter season with family and friends, given that the break only lasts a month.

“I wouldn’t take a winter class,” Weaver said. “I don’t have a car, so I would have to rely on transportation. I don’t mind doing it over the summer, but I wouldn’t wait in the cold, or even worse, the snow, just to take an extra class.”

Sophomore Amanda Bocekci also doesn’t want to give up any of her break time for taking another class.

“The cold weather alone is enough for me to not come back to school over break,” Bocekci said. “But on top of that, I couldn’t take a winter class even if I did want to. I’m on the swim team, so I have to be focused on that because it’s a winter sport.”

Most students’ winter break last until January 20, but on December 31, the swim team is back to their normal routine.

“We go to Florida for a week to train properly outside in the warm weather,” Bocekci said. “That’s the only reason why any of us look forward to it. When we come back from our trip, we jump right into training indoors because it’s too cold here. I pretty much dread it.”

The cold weather doesn’t only contribute to students’ reasons for not wanting to go to class, but also not feeling healthy enough.

“I always get sick in the winter,” Weaver said. “I could barely make it to class and back during the fall when it just starts to get cold without feeling sick afterward. I don’t think I would be able to handle it in December and January.”

Bocekci has no choice but to deal with it when she comes back for swimming, so she makes sure to bundle up.

“I have to be super careful everyday,” Bocekci said. “We practice twice a day, so I lose all my energy, and then go from being in the pool to walking outside in 30 degree weather. I get sick so often, I couldn’t imagine having to focus on class too.”

Weaver feels these classes are not important being that they are not required, so staying healthy should come first.

“Unless I was a commuter during the regular school year, it’s a major inconvenience for me to go back to school during the winter interim,” Weaver said. “If I had to wait in the cold for a bus and get myself sick, I would never be successful in focusing on the class.”

Bocekci said it is likely that if she did not have to attend the swim training, she would not practice nearly as much on her own time at home.

“The cold weather really makes me want to stay home and not to anything,” Bocekci said. “Even though my break is shorter than most students, I’m so relieved over those couple of weeks.”