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by: Kristen La Marca

On ABC’S popular reality TV show, The Bachelor, there has been a lot of talk about this season’s leading man. Ben Higgins was the one chosen and he is nothing short of exceptional.  He is your all around American guy and has been sweet enough to capture the hearts of America too.

Ben is not the only person America has been talking about. There has been quite a-lot of controversy between the women and it all stems from one contestant; Olivia. When you first meet her on the show you believe her to be sweet and genuine, but once the season starts to progress she becomes a “bachelor bully.” Things start to heat up fast between the other women and Olivia, since she becomes the focus of every episode.

Within the third week Ben received some horrible news about friends, and Olivia asks to talk to him in the middle of his sentence. Of course, all of America thought that was so rude! What was even ruder, was that instead of consoling him (which we all thought she may have some decency in her), she discussed her big ankles and fat toes with him. Excuse me, what!? Sorry Ben, but myself along with America thinks you should have given her the boot right then and there!

Ben has finally been realizing a side of Olivia he hasn’t seen, from word of mouth with the other women’s concerns. On February 1st, when he addresses Olivia, all of the other girls think Ben will take her rose away from her. Of course, to increase suspense, this episode is “to be continued.” What do you think will happen to Olivia? Has she jeopardized her time with Ben, or do you think he will keep her? As host, Chris Harrison says, “find out next week on an all new Bachelor!” The Bachelor’s journey to find love continues on Monday nights at 8:00 PM.