Employment Fair
The Annual Mount Saint Mary College Employment Fair (photo by Lee Ferris, Mount Saint Mary College)

by Ellen Bourhis Nolan

This past week, I was outside the dining hall passing out postcards and talking about the upcoming Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) Employment Fair (Wed., March 25, 1-4 P.M. in the Kaplan Athletic Center). I was stunned at the amount of students who said they did not need to go, as well as the reasons they gave for not going! Many responses went like this: “I’m only a freshman (or sophomore),” “I’m looking for a job (or internship) near home,” “There are no employers coming in my field,” or “I already have an internship (or job).” But EVERY ONE SHOULD BE GOING! Here’s why:

  • Most of you, including freshmen and sophomores, will be looking for a job or internship this summer. There will be over 60 employers attending, all looking for responsible, smart students from MSMC. Why not see what opportunities are available? They may be better than what you’ve lined up.
  • Employers come from many geographic areas. Even if they themselves are local, they are often national organizations with other sites and probably know people at those sites. Why not speak to them and learn if there are opportunities closer to home?
  • Don’t assume that because the organization is a hospital or a financial organization they don’t have other opportunities in your field. Talk to them and learn what else may be available.
  • Networking! This is a fantastic opportunity to meet with people who may know someone who might have a great opportunity for you. It’s a small world out there!
  • Practice your “elevator speech,” a 15-30 second speech about yourself and your skills – this is a great opportunity to learn how to talk to complete strangers about who you are, what you know and what you are capable of. I would even suggest talking to those you may not be interested in first to get some practice, than target employers you are really interested in.
  • Can you afford to pass on making connections for the future? Whether you have a job or not, this is a great opportunity to meet people who might be good contacts down the road or to learn about opportunities that might be available just in case.
  • GIVEAWAYS! While this should probably be the last reason for coming, it’s always fun to see and receive what employers are giving away.

So come to the 15th Annual MSMC Employment Fair. I’m sure you will find it valuable time spent. Dress in professional attire, business casual at the very least. No jeans, sweats, leggings or shorts, please. And bring lots of resumes. Hope to see you at the Fair!