by Brittany Ambrosino

Have you ever felt like a role model to someone? Have you ever had to deal with great responsibility and trust? All college dorm buildings across the country have what is known as a Resident Assistant, or better known as an RA, the upperclassman that monitor your hall in the new place you call home.  These are model students who hold great responsibility, and are trusted to ensure the safety of the members of their respective buildings.

First, what is an RA and what are their responsibilities?  Resident Assistants are in charge of making sure everyone is comfortable and safe. They often become like an older brother or sister to their residents. They frequently check-in with their residents, and eventually know everyone by name.  They are responsible for decorating dormitory halls, dealing with maintenance issues, roommate issues, and any other problem that a dormitory hall, and its residents, face.

When interviewing some Resident Assistants, they made it clear that their favorite part of the job was getting to know their residents, and also having their own room!  RA on the ground floor of Sakac Hall, Stephanie Weaver, was asked what her least favorite part of the job was.  She replied, “Nothing, I absolutely love it.”

However, things do not always run smoothly for these RAs.  Sometimes they can have noise complaints of energetic residents at night.  RA Kayleigh Miller recalled a night where her residents accidentally put a metal bowl in the microwave, and she had to hurry into the kitchen to help fan the smoke out of the window.  “Thankfully the smoke alarm didn’t go off.” She said.

Stephanie Weaver also told a story about the first year she was an RA, when Hurricane Irene hit!  “My girls came in my room and we sat up until 3 in the morning drinking hot chocolate, and it was really fun,” she exclaimed!

The Resident Assistants take on much more responsibility than the average student, but without them the dormitory halls would not be as warm and inviting.