by Brittany Ambrosino

Men’s fashion changes with the seasons.  As the leaves start slowly descending, people start breaking out their hoodies, cardigans, scarves, and boots.  While there’s always an endless amount of variety with girls fashion, what about the guys?  After surveying women around campus, here’s the verdict.

One of the most popular requests was men in dark jeans, flannels, and bow ties or loafers.  Wearing a bow-tie takes some major confidence for men to wear, but it gives them an adorable, hip look.

The survey shows that hoodies, basketball shorts and simple tee-shirts, a popular look for guys here at Mount Saint Mary College, are also attractive.  Although they are notably less fashionable, sometimes, less is more.

Of course, there are a few select items girls tend to strongly dislike on men as well, such as sandals with socks, and when guys wear clothes that are too tight.  Very tight jeans can be a total turn-off.

When all else fails, there is one thing to keep in mind, confidence.  While it’s not something you can pull over your head in the morning, or tie onto your feet, it is definitely something that girls find appealing in a guy.  When a guy has confidence, sometimes it doesn’t even matter what he has on.

With the Fall season starting up, it’s a great time to experiment with style!  But remember, no matter what; wear what makes you confident and comfortable!