Photo by Jillian Torre

by Christian Redl

Summer is over, and so is the season of Daisy Dukes and tank tops. With the weather cooling off, it’s natural to initiate hibernation mode, resorting to a wardrobe of sweatpants and hoodies. I think I speak for all men when I say, that’s not a good look, ladies. Welcome to “Christian’s Comprehensive Guide to Dressing for Fall Weather.”

Dressing for any season is easy, the one thing that men cannot stand is a lack of effort. It’s understandable to wear sweats or pajamas to an 8 AM class, most of campus is still dreaming of the day Aquinas’ food is five star quality. The problem lies with going to an afternoon class and still looking like you just rolled out of bed or just returning from being on The Jerry Springer Show. Taking pride in your appearance is never a bad thing! Looking your best gives you extra confidence, and who does not love making heads turn on their way to class?

Most women wear leggings and athletic gear strictly out of comfort, but contrary to popular belief, fashion does not have to hurt (it’s not 1780, the corset is no longer necessary). Instead of a sweatshirt, a knitted, baggy sweater or large turtleneck is the perfect alternative to any hoodie.

When autumn comes, so does the frost and to keep warm, many opt for the North Face and UGGs look. No sartorial combination has ever been more appalling. Women, no matter how many times you may think it is cute, trust us men. It isn’t. Fall is the season for boots, just not ones made out of sheepskin. Instead a pair of riding boots with high wool socks will keep your feet just as warm and twice as classy. Every woman should own at least one well-fitted jacket. Whether it be a punky leather jacket, or a sophisticated trench coat, it is the perfect replacement for that worn out North Face. Coupled with a scarf to combat the brisk Hudson Valley air, you’re assured to look great and still be incredibly comfortable.

It may be difficult for some to realize what is in style every year, since it changes more often than not. A few simple, and timeless styles will go a long way. Leather is a girl’s best friend for fall. Incorporate this fabric in different ways, including handbags, jackets, and shoes. Browns and blacks are always great fall colors, but if they are too drab for the bolder dressers, try burgundy and mustard-colored clothes. Oranges and deep reds are also great ideas; emulate the changing leaves in your wardrobe.

The most important thing about looking great this fall is to be yourself. Let your fashion represent you as a person and you cannot go wrong.  A little effort goes a long way, and men notice every bit of it. Have fun with your style, and start loving how you look.