Image courtesy of: Kyle McIntyre

By: Claudia Larsen

Last spring MSMC welcomed a new SGA President into our midst: Kyle McIntyre. McIntyre is in his second year here at the Mount. He is a member of the tennis team, the honor society, the poetry club, Allies and several other clubs on campus.

“In high school I was never involved in the student government, but I always wanted to be. I’ve always wanted to help people,” said McIntyre.

McIntyre acknowledged he is inexperienced in an officer position in college, but said he is a determined man. “I just wanted to get involved,” said McIntyre. “I ran for freshman class president and sophomore class president and lost, but I had another opportunity to run for something–that something being SGA president–and decided I wouldn’t give up on being a part of the school’s inner workings.”

What does McIntyre plan to do with the position? He wants to be a force for good within the school, helping to improve it any way he can. As he stated, “I want to pose new ideas, I want to help as many students as possible, I just want to make a difference in this school.”

McIntyre noted that he is not the only force at work in the school, and that the senate and SGA officers are his lifelines and lifesavers in his position. He said that they “are the real heroes”, as they work extremely hard with not as much credit as they deserve. “A lot of times people will be like ‘Oh look there’s SGA President’ and they think that I’m the one pulling the strings. In actuality, it’s really senate,” said McIntyre.

Some of the things SGA will be working on this year are improving parking, the return of a formal dance, expanding Kaplan’s hours, getting a better concert for Spring Weekend and the possibility of reforming curfew.