Raw Hemlines
Distressed clothing, making an appearance in this season's fashion trends. (Photo courtesy of DressMeGlam.com)

by Adrian Willis

As warmer weather approaches and fashion week is long behind us, we have learned the new trends for this upcoming spring and summer season. Aside from the “all leather everything” look, there were plenty of other manageable styles seen during fashion week that can be incorporated into your wardrobe.

For starters, if you were a fan of the “all leather everything,” but not a fan of the price of leather goods, there is a cheaper alternative: waxed clothing. Waxed denim jeans or waxed canvas shirts and jackets give the look and luster of leather without the price tag and the stiffness that leather brings. Unless you plan on being a punk rock star, the “all leather everything” look might not be the best option anyway.

The next trend is mesh tops. If you aren’t willing to spend high fashion prices on a common fabric top, you can easily wear a sports jersey as a mesh alternative. Basketball, soccer, football, and sometimes baseball jerseys are made out of mesh. Mesh jerseys are a good option because you can show allegiance to your favorite sports teams and embrace a sportier look with minimal effort.

Distressed clothing and clothing with raw hemlines will also make a splash. You can distress clothing DIY-style or buy cost-effective clothing that is already distressed. A pair of jeans or a denim jacket with slashes, tears, and bleach stains not only shows flavor, but gives your clothes an edgy look. Raw hemlines on a loose-fitted t-shirt compliments  a pair of distressed jeans well. Try distressed clothing and get the grungy, edgy look reminiscent of the early 90’s.