There's An App For That?
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By Jillian Torre

It seems there is an app for everything and everyone today.

Students spend the majority of their time on their phones. Even when in class or in a social setting, people are still living a double life through their smartphones.

While it can be rude and frustrating when you’re eating dinner with someone who won’t look up from their virtual world, you can’t deny that some apps are just plain cool.

The Mount Messenger asked students what are the most unique apps used around campus. The results brought in an array of apps that are useful, fun, and free.


“Lumosity” is a brain training app with multiple games and exercises. It will help improve memory, attention, and brain performance. The app will also track your progress.


Paper Football

Remember that game everyone played in elementary school where a piece of loose-leaf paper is folded up into a triangle and flicked through a field goad made out of your friend’s fingers?

“Paper Football” is that game in a touch-screen form. You can play against a friend or by yourself. The one downside to “Paper Football” is the amount of ads in the game.


Virtuoso Piano

For the musicians, “Virtuoso Piano” is just what it sounds like, a virtual piano. This digital instrument offers six octaves of piano.

Not a pianist? Not a problem; “Virtuoso” can help you to learn the basics.


My Disney Experience

This app will help anyone to navigate through the world’s most popular amusement park. “My Disney Experience” features a GPS-enabled map of the park, wait times for rides and shows, and Fastpass return times.

It also allows you to find out when and where your favorite Disney character will be taking photos and signing autographs. Want to make a dinner reservation in China or lunch with the princesses in Normandy? You can do that from your phone too.

There are also similar apps available for SeaWorld and Universal Studios for the ultimate Orlando vacation.


Minion Rush

“Despicable Me’s” minions seem to be the most loved creatures of the past three years, so who wouldn’t love a game with them in it?

“Minion Rush” is a fast-paced obstacle race where the player is a minion trying to impress the villain Gru. This is one of those addictive race games that incorporates the hilarious personalities of the minions.


WhatsApp Messenger

Are you or someone you know going abroad? “WhatsApp Messenger” is basically texting via an app.

That means that when connected to Wi-Fi you can text or send pictures to your friends and family in a different country without racking up roaming charges. “WhatsApp” is a great resource for students studying abroad.


Charity Miles

Lastly, “Charity Miles” is one of many exercise-tracking apps but with a twist. At the beginning of your run, walk, or bike ride, the app will give you a choice of which charity you would like to donate to. They have many choices such as Feeding Ameri ca, Wounded Warrior Project, and Special Olympics, among many others.

For every mile you run, “Charity Miles” donates 25 cents to that charity and 10 cents per mile for walking and biking. College students may not have the money to donate to charities, but we can still do our part just by working out.

Do you have any neat apps you’d like to share? Let us know in a letter to the editor!