(Photo courtesy of cinema-tografos.blogspot.com)

by Jade Hanley

“You’re lucky, he’s lucky, I’m lucky, we’re all lucky!” Magenta, played by Elizabeth Martinez, sang loudly to the crowd.

The audience was certainly lucky to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show put on by Different Stages and directed by Danielle Pilla on Fri. Oct. 31; this was the first year in which it landed on Halloween Night.

The show opened with a wedding and ended with a risqué dance number. Between all of the bras, belting of musical numbers, and burlesque, the crowd became one with the performers as well.

The audience, as in any Rocky Horror showing, was allowed to shout comments and callouts to the actors. During one of the main dance numbers, The Time Warp, some audience members even got up and joined the performers and Transylvanians on stage.

The gift bags that were waiting for the audience members had some pieces such as toast, confetti, tissues, and playing cards. These were to be thrown at the actors and actresses at specific times during the showing to add to the atmosphere. By the end of the show, they were performing dance numbers, crunching and rolling around on bread. Other aspects of the show added to the scenery, such as when the Transylvanians came out and sprayed the audience with water during a storm.

There was constantly a three-dimensional direction with the show. The actors and actresses never stayed in one spot. They would dance down the aisles, touch the audience, and even skateboard around the arena.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a performance that is highly anticipated every year. Thomas Fallon, President of Different Stages, said, “I think the show went very well. The cast and director put several dozen hours into rehearsing and they did a fantastic job. Their commitment is appreciated.”