Mary Hinton
Mary Hinton, Vice President of Academic Affairs. (Photo by Lee Ferris, Mount Saint Mary College)

by Anthony Krueger

There’s a new president walking around Mount Saint Mary College.

No, this president isn’t Father Kevin Mackin’s replacement. Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mary Hinton, was recently named the 15th president of the College of Saint Benedict.

Hinton became a part of the Mount community in June 2011. Upon her arrival, Hinton was hired as the Vice President of Planning and Assessment and remained in that position for two years. Her current and last year at the Mount finds her overseeing any and all things revolving around academics.

Like many of our upcoming graduates, this is going to be a new chapter for our current vice president of academic affairs. However, when presented with the question of what this next step means for her career, Hinton has a leg up on the graduates. “I have the opportunity to lead an institution; to lead an institution whose mission really resonates with my personal experience,” said Hinton.

Hinton didn’t sift through job sites or seek out new employment. Rather, she learned of the position through word of mouth. “Higher education tends to be a small world,” said Hinton when asked how she came across the job at College of Saint Benedict. A colleague, knowing of her passion to educate students and of her investment in educating young women in particular, drew her attention to the position.

Though Hinton will physically be leaving MSMC come the end of the school year, she said she doesn’t view it as though she is leaving the college behind. “Rather, I like to think I am taking the Mount with me,” said Hinton.

She said it will be the people she will miss the most. So much has happened to her while being a part of the MSMC community, and everyone she has had the pleasure of working with means the world to her.

MSMC congratulates Mary Hinton on her new business and wishes her the best of luck.

Hinton leaves the reader with some words from Dag Hammarskjold: “For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes.” These words are what Hinton looks at each and every day.