A blue light post sits at the foot of the Dominican Center. (Photo by Jac Bergenson)

by Alexandra Hanlon

Students nowadays are rarely seen without their cell phones. If you’re in a dangerous situation, you can easily dial 911 on your phone, or call a friend for help. But, in today’s world, college campuses are putting in a new form of communication called the Blue Light System.

Freshman on campus may be unaware of how it is used; even some returning students are not sure where they are located. There are 21 blue light systems on campus and four main keypads.  They are located outside of CC 21, Caribbean Court, on the porch of CC 392 and ADA 409. The Blue Lights are used in a situation where one may feel unsafe, such as, walking back to your dorm late at night, feeling as though someone is following you, or even being lost.

Safety Awareness Month is this September, and its goal is to raise awareness about the dangers that could happen on campus, and what you should do if you feel your safety is at risk. College life is much different than high school, in that there are more buildings, larger classes, a variety of people you do not know, different faculty for each department of study and independence from parents.

To keep students out of harms’ way, Mount Saint Mary College has Security officers that patrol the campus by both foot, and car, around the campus every day and night. Sakac and Guzman Hall have 24-hour security at the front desk 7 days a week. All doors must have a Mount ID to activate, and every residence hall has a smoke alarm, fire detector, sprinklers, and numerous cameras installed throughout the premises to keep a close eye on all the activity on campus. Mount Saint Mary College has gone to great lengths to protect every student and faculty member to ensure a safe campus.

This system is there for your protection, and with so many located throughout the campus, finding one in an emergency should not be an issue. Wayne Rudolph, a Mount Saint Mary security guard said when asked about the importance of the blue light system, “Its importance is to save lives.” Rudolph also said “they are used in an emergency assistance for you or another individual.” It is checked every month to ensure its strobe is functioning, and the line used for the system is an unused line -it is only operated when someone activates the blue light and not many people do, as it is a relatively safe campus.