Security Booth
The new entrance booth created for Mount Saint Mary College Security. (Photo by Jeanine Verderosa)

by Jeanine Verderosa

Many Mount Saint Mary College students and faculty members have been asking, “What’s with the new Security booth?”

After speaking with Assistant Director of Security Pat Arnold, Mount Messenger has the answers to your question.

The booth was placed on campus for the safety and best interest of the school.

Starting this week, the main entrance is the only entrance and exit on campus after 10pm.

 On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights a guard will be posted inside of the security booth. The guard will be checking everyone’s ID cards, including visitors, to ensure the safety of the Mount community after hours.

The guard will be taking off-campus cars’ information, such as a taxi’s license plate number. He or she will also be monitoring the arrival and departure times of all vehicles coming on and off campus.

The guard in the booth will also help direct traffic for on-campus events.

Father Francis will be blessing the booth sometime this week.