By Mary Marrero

Remote learning hasn’t been an easy process for me in general, but the support of my professors has been greatly appreciated. My wifi has been constantly unstable, my audio has been non-existent at certain points, my computer even overheats, and it has been the hardest first couple of weeks back in college. My computer can be completely chaotic at times, but the fact that I am responsible for my studies is a plus. My advice would be to keep in close contact with your professors by updating them on your situation, so you don’t fall behind on your work. Even if you fall behind, at least your professors know and understand your personal situation.

I recommend having a planner with all your assignments and tests labeled as a way to stay up to date with your workload. A calendar can also be a useful visual to stay on track. Despite my computer troubles, it is still my responsibility to have all my assignments completed. During the times when my computer couldn’t be used, I would continue to power through my assignments by writing notes and completing my readings. 

Wifi issues would contribute to the disruption of my zoom classes as well. It’s important to email your teachers in order to find out what you missed along with new assignments. Remember it is still every student’s responsibility to stay on top of upcoming assignments. I believe staying in close contact with your professors along with great organizational skills will allow you to be the best student you possibly can be even under these circumstances. Continue to keep moving forward and stay safe everyone!