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By: Madison Beckman 

Perhaps the scariest part of this Halloween is that fact in eight short days, American voters will decide who their next leader will be.

Most will agree this has been one of the most condemnable elections in history when you view it from a serious political angle.

But the election has given those who approach life with a humorous lens much to work with! From hysterical SNL skits, to candidate merchandising, many have found silver linings in the most dreadful of situations.

This year, people are adding a political twist to Halloween’s beloved mascot, the Jack-O-Lantern, by combining the pumpkin with another one this particular fall’s popular orange creatures, Donald Trump. The result: a “Trumpkin.”

There are several different methods that people are employing to create their Trumpkin. When you are deciding on how you want to decorate your pumpkin, it is important to consider how much money and effort you want to put into your project. You should also think about whether or not you want to light your Trumpkin.

One method involves carving the Trumpkin face into the actual pumpkin. The pro to this approach is that you can add a 3D element to your Trumpkin, giving you the opportunity to light it up. You can also use the innards of the pumpkin as a life-like wig of your own creation. The con is that this method is a bit more challenging as your Trumpkin will not live as long.

Another alternative is to paint the Trumpkin face onto the surface of the pumpkin. You can also paint directly on the surface of your Trumpkin. This makes it easier for you to make your pumpkin appear more realistic. However, this will require more materials, such as paint and a wig.

The key to making your own Trumpkin is to have fun, and not to dwell or focus on the actual election. Especially during the painting process, for the frustration from election coverage could cause your brush to drag across the Trumpkin.

If you make your own Trumpkin, do not forget to share a picture with us here at Mount Messenger! While we promise to cover the results of the election for our next issue, we prefer to instead smash post-Halloween Trumpkins before they ever have a chance to mold.