Actor's Nightmare
(left to right) The cast of "The Actor's Nightmare," Rebecca Gordils, Lindsay Ostrander, Benjamin Lindenauer, Amanda Wright, and Daniel Mowat. (Photo by William Biersack)

by Nicole Allen

On Wed. Feb. 25 and Thur. Feb. 26, Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) Theatre will be showcasing a short play called “The Actor’s Nightmare”; written by Christopher Durang and directed by MSMC Student William Biersack. The play is about a man named George Spelvin, who has a dream where he plays the lead role in several different classic plays.

In this comedy, George is constantly jumping through hoops. The entire play is in the context of a dream, starting with George wandering onto an empty stage and being forced to be an understudy in a play. Now, George must suddenly take the stage when the lead actor cannot go on. The play’s cast consists of four other actors, who add to George’s confusion by continually changing characters or changing plays. The play and its characters will make you laugh effortlessly.

The comedy is also very realistic with showcasing George’s struggle of being lost. Dan Mowat, a junior at the Mount, plays the lead character George Spelvin. Dan can relate to George because they share familiar characteristics, stating “George is me. He doesn’t know what is going on around him and he is thrown into things much like I am.” Dan, a fan of theatre in high school, has been in the MSMC Theatre productions for the past 3 years now.

Senior at the Mount, William Biersack is the director of the play. As a theatre minor, William is directing this play as the final project in his honors research, stating “I wanted my program to connect to my theatre background. As an education student, I believe that drama is a powerful teaching method in the classroom and a teacher with a theatre background will be very effective in his or her practice.” William has worked hard on this production and motivates his cast to perform to their best ability. William has directed plays in the past, his favorite thing about the directing process being the way him and his actors are able to form the final product, stating “Your show, once you’re done directing, is something you and your cast collectively made and it’s powerful to know that you are responsible for that. It’s a work of art that will only ever exist once and can never truly be recreated, which is why I love theatre so much.”

The comedy will be performed in the Aquinas Hall Theatre at 7:30 PM. Admission is free and seating will be on the stage for a close, intimate experience. The cast and crew have done a great job with the play. The show is a must-see; between George’s confusion and the rest of the cast’s hilarious antics, this show will keep you engaged and entertained until the final scene.