by Clare O’Keefe

Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) celebrated its twentieth annual Spirit of the Mount Week October 13th– October 17th.


Spirit of the Mount week is an annual event held every fall and is the biggest week of the semester. Every day of the week there is a different theme or event that the classes compete against each other in. The goal for each class is to get as many points as possible. The class with the most points gets the winning trophy at Mount Olympics on Thursday night.


The kickoff event was a mass on the Kaplan sod field at 7 p.m. on Tuesday night.


Junior, Amanda Clemens, notes that she misses the midnight mass that MSMC use to hold during Spirit of the Mount Week.


Mount Olympics, probably the most popular part of Spirit of the Mount Week, is a battle of the classes and takes place towards end of the week. Each class participates in skits that relate to their theme and compete in a variety of games/activities against each other for points. Depending on what place the class comes in they either get, 20, 15, 10 or 5 points towards their overall score.


The winners of Mount Olympics this year were the seniors, the Class of 2016.


Students run Mount Olympics from their perspective classes. The president, vice-president, secretary and treasure of each class is in charge of organizing and preparing Mount Olympics and encourage students to get involved and participate.


Junior Class Treasure, Kayla Stevens, wasn’t sure what was in store while preparing for Mount Olympics and helping out with Spirit of the Mount Week.


“Being involved really changed my perspective, I never knew how much preparation went into it,” said Stevens. “It made everything so much more enjoyable to see just how much fun everyone was having at Mount Olympics itself and how everyone did get involved.”


Besides Mount Olympics, the Bonfire on Saturday night also attracts most students as well.


Bonfire was held on Saturday with a kick-off dinner in the dining hall. The dining hall was filled with the most popular food they usually serve. The menu included; turkey, mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato fries, tomato soup and much more.


Also featured at Bonfire was a dance team performance, a dj, a man on stilts and a man who ate flaming fire. Funnel cake, s’mores, hot chocolate and cupcakes, made especially by Admissions’ own Brian Klose, were also served to the students.


Spirit of the Mount Week is a time where students all get involved and work together with their classes to achieve a common goal: to win Mount Olympics and to have a good time.


A change in events this year was the annual Powder Puff football game did not count for points.


Junior, Briana Cherwinski, was upset that it didn’t count for point this year.


“When an event during Spirit of the Mount Week is for points it adds more of an competitive edge,” said Cherwinski. “It gets more people to join and be move active.”


Clemens thinks that Spirit of the Mount Week heavily affects the Mount community.


“Spirit of the Mount Week increases interclass communication and camaraderie,” said Clemens. “Also it increases school spirit in a fun and competitive way.”


Cherwinski believes that being involved in Spirit of the Mount week makes her college experience more fun and meaningful.