(Left to right) Improvology members Alex Florez, Tom Fallon, and Robert Petrarca performing on February 7th. (Photo by William Biersack)

by Rebecca Gordils

Dozens of people sat down to witness the comedic performance of Improvology, Mount Saint Mary College’s (MSMC) improv group on Friday, Feb. 7th.

Improv is a form of acting in which the actors are given no prior instruction of their scenes, characters, or surroundings, and perform without preparation.

“It is not easy to perform, but once you’ve rehearsed with everyone and you get to know them, you rely on them and work better as a team,” says improv member Jade Hanley. The improv group rehearses by practicing impromptu scenes, called harolds. Three groups of three scenes broken up by small improv games make up a harold.

“During rehearsal we usually practice playing games, hosting games, and do a lot of trust exercises and communication exercises to help us cooperate and build better scenes,” said Hannah Mulhall, another member of Improvolgy.

“All you need to do to be able to improv is to have an open mind, think outside the box, commit, and always agree. Once you do that, and you work well with others, you’ll be able to perform well as an improv-er,” said co-director of Improvolgy Arianna Guevara.

Improvolgy will be performing at the stuff-a-bear event on Siblings Weekend. Be sure to stop by and join in on the laughs!