by Brittany Ambrosino

On Monday Jan. 20, sophomores at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) came together for Sophomore’s Survive and Succeed, a workshop style event hosted annualy by the Career Center. The event’s purpose was to show the sophomores the next step in making their next two and a half years at MSMC as successful as possible. During the registration process, students were allowed to choose three – 25 minute sessions they thought would be most useful to them.

As a sophomore myself, I was intrigued by this experience. The three 25-minute sessions I chose were: Co-Ops and Internships, Volunteerism, and Decision Making and Goal Setting. All three programs informed me about activities I can engage in during my time at MSMC. After going through the Co-Ops and Internships session, I felt motivated to gather my ideas and start applying for internships within my major.

In the Volunteerism workshop, we discussed the positive role that volunteering can have on our futures. We learned the difference between certain types of volunteering, how different volunteer opportunities are viewed on resumes, and what volunteer opportunities are available on campus and in the surrounding community.

During the Decision Making and Goal Setting workshop, sophomores learned how to live life with a positive outlook and realize that it is okay to make mistakes. We reviewed different things we wanted out of life and learned why making goals for ourselves is vital to success.

After leaving the event, I felt much more confident about my current path at MSMC, and where my future is headed. I would recommend this program for everyone in next year’s sophomore class.