by Clare O’Keefe

via MSMC

More than 80 sophomores partook in the Sophomore Survive and Succeed program this past week here at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC).

The Career Center hosts the Sophomore Survive and Succeed program annually. This year it took place on September 15th in the Aquinas Atrium.

This program is designed to help sophomores in a transition period. As Heather Fitzsimmons, Coordinator of Co-Ops and Internships at the Career Center, said, being a sophomore is like being the middle child. As freshmen are often the ones getting the most attention at any given university, the sophomores are usually the more neglected ones. This program was designed to make sophomores feel included and important, even after their freshman year.

Students chose to attend three different information sessions, which were 25 minutes each. The sessions ranged from Study Abroad, Campus Leadership, Volunteerism, Co-ops and Internships and many more.

During these 25-minute sessions, students were taught skills and given advice on how to further advance themselves. The sessions were designed to give sophomores the power and tools to survive after their initial transition period into college.

The night concluded with a raffle where students were entered to win gift cards to various merchants including Alexis Diner, Billy Joe’s, Randones, Buffalo Wild Wings and many more.

As a junior I was able to experience Sophomore Survive and Succeed again, but from a different perspective. How was I able to do this? I am a member of the Career Crew!

Being a part of the Career Crew is a great opportunity here on campus. As a member of the Career Crew, I have partaken in promoting events and services for the Career Center. I also have helped with brainstorming ideas for events and activities. I am able to help at the actual events and help ensure that they run smoothly!

If you are looking for a fun extracurricular activity to add to your resume, become a part of the Career Crew!


Contact Ellen Bourhis Nolan for more information or stop by Aquinas 151.