Theatre Seniors
MSMC Theatre Seniors Tom Fallon (left) and Adrianna Gregory (right) (Photo by Lee Ferris, Mount Saint Mary College)

by Laura Wetherbee

Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) Theatre presented their production of “Book of Days,” which is the last big production for five seniors graduating this year.

The seniors opened with their final production and shared how they have all grown from the MSMC Theatre program over the years.

Senior Tom Fallon played Rev. Groves in the production and explained how he has become more confident from when he first began performing at MSMC as a sophomore.

Senior Adrianna Gregory played Sharon in the production and said that with the help of Assistant Professor of Theatre James Phillips, she learned to “go for it and take the chance.”

She said Phillips has been very supportive of her performing ever since she started taking acting classes. Gregory added that a great quality of his is the ability to embrace the idea of educational theatre, where the student is expected to learn skills without the pressures of a professional setting.

Senior Anthony Cona has worked behind the scenes for the MSMC Theatre program since his freshman year and has filled the role of light board operator, stage manager, and programmer.

He admits his favorite job would have to be programming the production with light and sound effects. Cona explained how Phillips creates a very relaxed atmosphere for the students and does not believe in one “lead” role.

Cona admits that anxiety will always exist in theatre, but with Phillips, there is no “forced anxiety.”

Senior William Biersack played Boyd in “Book of Days” and he revealed how quiet and shy he was when he first arrived at MSMC, but now “public speaking is my thing,” he said.

Biersack said his creativity has enhanced from working with Phillips and he has learned how to collaborate with others and be a team player.

Senior Alexander Florez played James in the production and said he has learned a lot since his freshman theatre days at MSMC.

He said MSMC Theatre has taught him to manage his time and the importance of working hard and pulling your own weight.

Florez said that Phillips is always helping others and “when you join the theatre program, you stay.”

All of the seniors said how much fun they have had throughout the years during different productions and rehearsals, and said they have all embraced the message of community that Phillips seeks to invoke in others.